Pre-register for ConFusion

As a player As a GM

Convention costs

ConFusion 2017 costs $15 per person, regardless of how many sessions you attend.

GMs who pre-register their game before October 14th get to knock $5 off their fee: they get in for $10. (Maximum one discount per person.)

Pre-register as a player

We will be doing door sales on the day at ConFusion, but we may be limited by the size of our venue. Pre-registration makes this whole thing easier by letting us know how many people to expect, and guaranteeing your place at ConFusion 2017. Pre-registered attendees can also pay us online before the event proper.

You can pre-register as a player by filling in this form.

Pre-register as a GM

Want to run your game? GMs that pre-register get a special GM price of $10, as long as they get their pre-registration done by October 14th. Note that you still need to pre-register as a player!

You can pre-register as a GM by filling in this form.