Event timetable

This event timetable is provisonal, based on what we did last year. We're not expecting to change things, but in case we do, take note: this timetable is not final. Don't book flights or schedule surgery based on the times we give here.

9:00am Doors open
9:30 am–12:30pm Session 1
1:30pm–4:30pm Session 2
6:00pm–9:00pm Session 3

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Game blurbs

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Heavy Metal Æons

Epic adventure in the style of heavy metal songs.

The Shrouded Moon of Tagata-V

The moon of Tagata-V is shrouded by its many rings - rings that stories say are haunted. The first attempt to colonise the moon failed before it landed. The crew and passengers aboard the colony ship, Khonsu, simply vanished. The derelict now floats amid the rings like a tomb.

The second attempt successfully established the mining outpost of Izu. But the miners have been plagued by sinister events and a growing sense of dread. As vital supplies and travellers disappear without a trace, the situation has become critical. With the Stellar Amalgamate failing to respond to calls for aid, the colonists now seek salvation from those brave (or desperate) few who are prepared to risk death for reward and reputation.

This scenario is inspired by introductory adventures for D&D, though it is set in the space opera universe of Esper Genesis. There will also be a light use of miniatures and maps.

Dread: Redwater Rapids

The little town of Redwater, Texas. Home to a good seven hundred souls and the Quincey Morris University.

It is a time of curiosity, debauchery and intensity. The Swinging Sixties is in full swing, and it is summer break of 1967. Not a lot of songs reference the Summer of '67, but to hell with that, it's time to party!

However, there are a lot of tales.

Wright Patman Lake, the biggest lake for miles, has a few myths about it, as well as the university itself.

The infamous Minotaur Scares of '63 and '66 were bloodbaths, a group of five people in the woods and another group of four in the streets of Redwater itself, with both survivors blaming bull-headed figures wielding axes

The Mud Drownings in '62 had a group of campers drown, eventually fished out covered in hardened, clay-like mud.

The Quincey Morris Bitings in '66, found out due to a student who tattled on those involved, had a handful of students kill each other, some with bite marks on their necks and one impaled in the woods not far from the university.

But come on, those stories are all just myths. No such things as minotaurs, or vampires, or mud monsters, exist... Right?

The King is Dead

Blurb to come.


Blurb to come.


WINTERHORN: the code name of a small but passionate group of "peace and justice" activists. On the surface they project innocent, if misguided, zeal, but you know better. You’ve dealt with groups like this before, and there’s always a dangerous core. Gun-runners. Bomb-makers. People who deserve to be thrown in a dark hole somewhere.

As government agents, your goal is to nudge them into destroying themselves, using every trick in the book – black bag jobs, disinformation, spinning up rival front groups, and even escalating to vandalism and violence when necessary. Your mission, with the full force of the government behind you and time running out, is to get WINTERHORN’s members fighting like rats in a bucket. They need to fall apart before they can hurt anyone, and the state’s hands need to stay clean.

They won’t know what hit them.

WINTERHORN is a live action game for 3-8 players about how governments degrade and destroy activist groups. By playing law enforcement and intelligence operatives working diligently to demoralize and derail, you’ll learn about the techniques used in the real world in pursuit of these goals. While developed as an educational tool for activists, this is an entertaining larp in its own right.