Event timetable

This event timetable is provisonal, based on what we did last year. We're not expecting to change things, but in case we do, take note: this timetable is not final. Don't book flights or schedule surgery based on the times we give here.

9:00am Doors open
9:30 am–12:30pm Session 1
1:30pm–4:30pm Session 2
6:00pm–9:00pm Session 3

Games at ConFusion

Want to run something at ConFusion 2018? You're in luck: we want your game!

What sort of game should I run at ConFusion?

ConFusion 2018 is a tabletop gaming convention, which means that you can conceivable run anything that we'd call "tabletop gaming", including (but not limited to) roleplaying games, story-telling games, and board games. However, the logistics of our timetable means that you should ensure your game can run in around three hours. Note that you may also find yourself sharing a room with another game.

We're also interested in taking applications for live action roleplaying games. The ideal Larp at ConFusion takes around six (or less) players, requires minimal or no costuming/set dressing, may be run in one room, and will finish up within three hours. We don't mind running pre-convention signup for your Larp, if people need to be allocated characters and sent information before the convention proper.

How can I submit my game to ConFusion?

Game registration will open around May. At that point, we'll let people know via both our mailing list and Facebook.

Why should I run a game at ConFusion?

First, the greedy selfish reason: running a game at ConFusion nets you $5 off the price of your ticket. But it's more than that! Running a game at a convention can be a great way to level up your gaming skills. You can meet new friends, get feedback on how you run your game, and see how strangers react to your adventures. It's also the perfect place to try out that game system that's been gathering dust on your shelf for the past three months.

If you're new to running games, but want to give it a go, ConFusion is also a small, friendly environment to have a shot at running a game. It's a great place to iron out the kinks in your game, or test your mettle, before taking your game to a bigger, louder, convention.

I've got questions about running a game at ConFusion. Who should I talk to?

Feel free to shoot us an email, or jump on the Slack and say hi!