Code of Conduct

Our expectations and responsibilities

We ask that you treat ConFusion and its surroundings with respect. This includes:

In particular, we ask that you:

In turn, you can expect us to do our utmost to make ConFusion a friendly and positive space for all members of the roleplaying community. If you don't find this to be the case – especially if you find yourself the target of harassment, discrimination, bullying, or similar behaviour during ConFusion – you are encouraged to get in touch with the organising committee, either during the event or by email after the event.

Disciplinary procedures

We reserve the right to take disciplinary action against any attendee of the convention for any breach of the above code of conduct. Such disciplinary action may include any or all of the following:

Session content

Roleplaying games and their associated offshoots are an excellent way to address, discuss, or explore contentious and challenging themes. However, it's important to balance this against the comfort of your players.

All facilitators will be asked to provide content warnings for their games. Some games may not have any content warnings; some games may potentially feature sexual situations, graphic violence, or other themes classically considered "adult"; some games may address specific themes that could be triggering for others. When in doubt, our faciliatators are encouraged to lean toward content-warning their games. Players will be advised of the content warning of games when signing up for games, and are encouraged to choose their games based on these content warnings.

In addition, all facilitators are reminded that the perceived requirements of their fiction do not trump their responsibility to treat their fellow attendees with respect. They are encouraged to implement techniques such as X cards, lines and veils, or script change, if they believe their session may require them. The organising committee is happy to discuss such techniques, including where and when they might be useful, and how to integrate them into your game.

Younger attendees

While we hope to make ConFusion a convention for all people, we also acknowledge that the organising committee has neither the capacity nor the skills to act in loco parentis for minors. For this reason, we have implemented the following policies:

The organising committee will, to the best of their ability, ensure that each session of ConFusion contains a suitable number of games of varying levels, such that players who do not wish to play in games with adult content still have a choice of games in each session. In particular, we will arrange our games to ensure that Sessions 1 and 2 contain a good selection of games suitable for all ages.

Players aged sixteen or older are welcome to attend ConFusion, and encouraged to use game ratings in order to inform their choices for each session.

Players aged younger than sixteen are welcome to attend ConFusion as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. The ConFusion organising committee will ensure that both player and guardian are placed in the same game, should they wish to play in games together.